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Mailing Address

7445 Red River

Memphis, TN 38125

You are Not Alone!

About Me

Hello, my name is Jarieya.

I am 13 and in the 8th grade.   I was born with idiopathic juvenile scoliosis, a hand deformity, and a heart defect.   I was featured in the National Children Spine Foundation Magazine for juvenile scoliosis condition.  It was then that I realized that though we are all different, inside and out, these differences do NOT define our characters or give anyone the excuse to conduct verbal or physical abuse. I feel that the world, especially schools and workplaces, need more education and support in the effort to prevent bullying. Bullying seems to have become a bad word whenever it is brought to people’s attention, but the last thing that someone experiencing this type of abuse should have to deal with is feeling ostracized and hopeless about receiving help.

Allow me to introduce my friend Jade.  Together we are taking a stand against bullying.     Our differences should not define how we are treated. To help those like us, that may have had their differences attacked and combat all types of bullying, we designed the “World Anti-Bullying Card”.

The purpose of the card is to give children a tool to use to report abuse in an anonymous secure manner.  Once a card is completed, the victim can place it in a locked drop box, located in schools or workplaces.  This will allow sufferers of harassment, a simple and non-confrontational way to inform the proper authorities of their situation.  To get as many people to help support this campaign.  We also want participants to sign the “Anti-Bullying Agreement” their signature signifies their support and that they are willing to uphold the mission of the “Anti-Bullying Card” in their day-to-day lives.

Bullying is an epidemic that can cause a never-ending cycle of pain and resentment and will persist if action does not happen. In today’s world, an epidemic like this can take many forms, making it a challenge to solve, but change is not impossible. The first step in curing any epidemic is being able to recognize it and discuss it.  I believe these cards will greatly encourage conversations. If you believe in your heart that change is possible, I hope that you will support victims of this epidemic in being able to take that first step.


Thank you,

Jarieya Joy Louise & Jade


How it works

Our Mission:

  • A non-confrontational way to encourage kids and adults to report bullying by using the Anti-bullying card.

  •  To have a sense of support.  To ensure that the workplace, school etc. has a tool or system in place to report bullying.  To collaborate with other organizations i.e.; schools, hospitals, corporations and workforces to make the “World Anti-Bullying Card” accessible in these locations.

  •  To join forces with other Anti-Bullying platforms to educate & empower children and adults in schools, workplaces, churches or wherever they bullying is taking place.

How it works:

An organization sponsors a “World Anti-Bullying” campaign.  During the campaign introduce the “World –Anti bullying Card “and its purpose.  Encourage participants to sign the “Anti-Bullying agreement” making a pledge to support the “World Anti Bullying” principles and be an Anti-Bullying champion in their everyday life.  Disburse “Anti-Bullying Cards” to the targeted audience.  There will be a locked box available for victims to be able to drop their card in.  Only the proper authorities will be able to unlock this box and review the contents.

How do I get involved?

Have a designated Liaison to contact our organization to order agreements and “World Anti-Bullying Card”.



Future Goals:

  • “World Anti-Bullying” tour featuring Jade & Jareiya to encourage children that may have experienced bullying.

  • To create “World-Anti Bullying” paraphernalia (Banners, posters, t-shirts caps, etc.) to rally Anti-Bullying champions together.

You are not Alone!


Anti-Bullying Agreement:

(I) Pledge to believe in myself, to know my rights, and obey the laws against bullying.

(I) Pledge to alert someone as soon as possible about my situation.

(I) Pledge to use my card and voice to empower the effort against bullying.